Meet the team


Director: Judey Bignell

Judy has worked locally with a number of companies including Cast Iron Theatre in both acting and directing roles. She wrote and directed the University of Sussex Drama Society’s pantomime in December last year, and has also gained many years’ experience by shadowing director Nick Young of Rainbow Shakespeare for various open-air theatre projects.




Producer / Writer: Katy Matthews

For the last five years Katy has stage managed Brighton’s popular satirical comedy The Treason Show. She has also assisted in a number of other productions such as the fringe award winning ‘The Lad Himself’. Katy has written a number of plays including the company’s premier production, ‘Un-titled’.




Writer: Kathryn Freeman

Kathryn likes to live outside of Brighton because she’s awkward. But she writes a good story. Kathryn co-writes the Inspector Pssst Mysteries with Katy.






Web Programmer: Chris Matthews
Chris does all the clever coding stuff for the app, which the rest of us don’t really understand. We just smile and nod when he says words like ‘algorithm’.