Inspector Pssst Mysteries

‘Inspector Pssst Mysteries’ is a soon to beFullSizeRender-2 released downloadable multiple choice story app (Android compatible), which starts with their first adventure: ‘Who killed the i?’

We follow the trails and tribulations of the intrepid mitten-clad Inspector and his faithful companion, the Captain as they wonder round the mysterious Isle of *Cough* and encounter its strange inhabitants.

Pratchett-esque in its style and delightfully silly, you’ll enjoy making key decisions for the Inspector and his furry friend as they try and decipher the clues around them. Written by Kathryn Freeman and Katy Matthews, with original artwork by Avia Schelts-Brown. Here’s a random extract (emphasis on the random):

“so now what?”

“It’s alright, I have a contact.”

“Oh not that guy again.”

“He’s a classic grass, he sees everything, he hears things on the breeze. He may have vital information pertinent to the case.”

“Do you think its been sold on the black market?”

“Could be. If this has gone underground, grass will know.”

“‘Cos he speaks to the worms.”

“Precisely. And don’t chew on his friends, you know he hates that.”

“But what if I need to throw up?”

“Hold it in.”

Our intrepid pair cycle on towards the island’s main and only park, located in the centre of the island, a central park if you will. They tie their tandem to the statue* by the pond and sit down on the fluffy turf.

*the statue is of well-known island former inhabitant Sir Lester Crankshaft, who died tragically after a sculptor accidentally encased him in a statue.